Investing in Values-based Leadership

Africa Leadership Initiative East Africa Foundation serves as a catalyst for participatory engagement on matters of significance to the African continent, deepening the pool of influential, effective and ethical leaders across Africa prepared to assume personal responsibility and collective accountability for the development and governance of Africa for the good of all her people.

ALI Fellows reflect on their own leadership values and role in society and engage and offer support to one another to build ventures that impact their communities and make the world a better place. To this end, the ALI East Africa Foundation was established to provide the framework for sustained fellows’ action and impact.

We don’t stop at dreaming, we actually figure out a way of making things happen. And even if it goes off as a drop in the ocean, we are surely making impact around the world

Patricia Musoke
Project Management Specialist,
International Atomic Energy Agency
ALI East Africa Fellow, 2013 class (Mawimbi)

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Sometime in the 90s, a Stanford professor Jim Collins set out to conduct a study on how companies make the transition from being good to being great. What started out as mere study produced such profound results he later turned it into a book titled; Good to Great.

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