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The ALI East Africa Re-Set Summit

 15th – 18th November 2018   Sea Cliff Resort and Spa, Zanzibar

Over the last  two years, the Aspen Global leadership Network has been in a reflective mode. In 2017, the Aspen Action Forum was convened under the theme; The Great Re-Set,  provoked by events  of the time, particularly in the United States with the election of Donald Trump as president.

With everything else that was happening around the world, including rise in emergence of far right groups, some getting into mainstream politics and winning seats in parliament, the migration crisis in the Mediterranean, it seemed that the world’s moral centre was failing.

In march 2018, under the theme “The Great Africa Re-Set”, the wider ALI Network convened in Cape Town to consider what was happening in the world, and how best to position leaders in the network to react in considering ways to manage the turbulent times the world was going through.

The consensus outlined in a strategic vision, which was adopted with much enthusiasm, was that if there ever was a time for courageous leadership, it was now. The outcome from the Great Africa Reset dialogue, was a clear set of tools and ideas agreed on as leadership actions to revitalize the ALI Network for greater impact.

Inspired by the 2018 Action Forum Theme; Fearless Leadership, six ALI East Africa Fellows tapped into the momentum from Cape Town, and convened in Dar –es-Salaam a few weeks later, to agree on strategic actions in a working meeting chaired by Founder & Chairman Ali Mufuruki.  The meeting concluded with enthusiasm to build on the momentum, and reaffirmed resolutions from Cape Town with a commitment to agree on a strategic guide for ALI East Africa over the next ten to fifteen years.

The ALI East Africa Re-Set Summit

Under the theme Accelerating the MomentumFellows and partners of the ALI East Africa Foundation, will convene to adopt a strategic plan, reflect on personal leadership journeys, recommit to action towards building good societies, and keeping focus on living “good lives”. The Summit shall convent from 15th– 18th November 2018.

The ALI Leadership Summit shall include in its programming classic Aspen seminar sessions, reconnect with larger ALI East Africa network and engage in a visioning sessions to concretize a way forward for the next network.

Key Objectives for the Summit

  • Strengthen the Africa Leadership Initiative East Africa into a vibrant, influential and high impact organization.
  • Get fellows and the Foundation to be proactive in setting the Agenda within the EAC and at country levels.
  • Get the Foundation to build strong, collaborative linkages with other organizations to achieve broad and, measurable impact in communities.
  • Re-inspire the spirit of fellowship and expand the values based leadership model by leading by example.

Convening Venue

Keeping in tradition to selecting venues that allow reflection, and contemplation, Sea Cliff Resort and Spa in Zanzibar will be the venue for the 2018 ALI Leadership Summit

Explore the venue here: http://seacliffzanzibar.com

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