Aidan Eyakuze

Founding Director, Serengeti Advisers Limited

Membership:  Class of 2008 (2nd Liberation)

Aidan has a BSc (Honours) degree in Economics from Trent University (Ontario) and a Masters Degree in Economics from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia) in Canada. Aidan is currently Programme Director responsible for the East African Scenarios Project for the Society for International Development (SID). The objective is to generate knowledge and to inform and sustain dialogue amongst key constituents on a set of possible alternative futures that the East African region might face in the coming decades.

In addition to the East African scenarios project, Aidan has participated in national scenario-building projects in Kenya (2000), Tanzania (2003), South Africa (2004) and Nigeria (2007). Aidan is also a founding director of Serengeti Advisers Limited – a Tanzania-based regional advisory firm – and maintains a keen professional interest in economic policy and financial markets, international business, emerging trends in information and communications technologies and their impact on society.

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