Celestin Nkundabemera

Country Program Director, American Friends Service Committee

Membership:  Class of 2013 (Mawimbi)

For the last four years, Celestin have had a privilege of working with Somali communities on peace, youth, advocacy and leadership initiatives – that sought to tap into opportunities that exist in this lovely country which unfortunately has been profiled in the lenses of violence and misery.

He also worked as the Project Director for Conflict Transformation in East and Central Africa with the World Conference of Religions for Peace. He worked briefly with CARE Deutschland in the provision of the much needed humanitarian assistance to refugees from Rwanda and Burundi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire then) – during the humanitarian crisis of 1994. Besides peace and humanitarian work, he had taught in Kenya (Daystar University) and Tanzania (Saint Augustine University of Tanzania).

He had also led a summer training on youth and development with WHERE THERE BE DRAGONS a USA-based organization with which  he led an experiential program focusing on “Rwanda: Transformation of Society that dealt with “An intimate examination of recent history and modern development in the “Land of a Thousand Hills”. He is currently serve as the chair of the steering committee of the Non-Governmental Organization Consortium on Somalia that brings together over 100 Somali and International NGOs – guiding on matters of strategy, coordination and operations.

Celestin holds a Masters Degree in Communications from Daystar University with a special focus on media, human communication and society. He have had training on peace building and management. He speaks and reads fluently English, French, Kenyarwanda and Kiswahili. He also has some basic knowledge of Koine Greek.

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