Elkanah Odembo

Founding Director, Ufadhili Trust

Membership:  Class of 2002 (Inaugural)

Mr. Odembo was the founding director of Ufadhili Trust (Centre for Philanthropy and Social Responsibility), a Kenyan institution that seeks to promote the spirit of giving, philanthropy, and the use of local resources to improve people’s lives through corporate social responsibility, cross-sector partnership, technical assistance and policy research.

Prior to joining Ufadhili, Mr. Odembo served as a consultant to the Ford Foundation’s Coordinator of Africa Philanthropy Initiative; the East Africa Representative for World Neighbors; and as Research Officer for the African Medical Research Foundation. He was also Chairman of the Kenya Community Development Foundation, lead facilitator for the Kenya Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Consultation Process, and a member of the selection committee for the UNDP Africa 2000 Project. He was also founding member of the NGO Coalition for East Africa, a member of the National Advisory Committee for Health Research, a member of the NGO Co-ordination Board of Kenya, Chairperson of the Kenya National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations, and member of the National Committee for Social Dimensions of Development.

In addition to being ALI-EAs Fellow, Mr. Odembo is Synergos Senior Fellows.

Mr. Odembo has a Bachelors degree in Biology and Sociology from Bowdoin College, and a Masters degree in Community Health (Epidemiology) from the University of Texas.

He previously served as Kenya’s Ambassador to USA and France.

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