John Ulanga

Executive Director, Foundation for Civil Society

Membership:  Class of 2008 (2nd Liberation)

John Ulanga is the Executive Director, the Foundation for Civil Society. The Foundation is a NGO whose mandate is to build capacity of civil society organizations in Tanzania.  John joined the Foundation in November 2005 as its third Executive Director and over his period he has led the Foundation to becoming one of the largest and most respected grants making organization in Tanzania and in the region.

The Foundation offers more than 300 new grants every year and at any particular moment, the Foundation has a portfolio of over 400 on going projects throughout Tanzania supported by the Foundation grants.  Before joining this Foundation, John was the Coordinator of Commissioned Studies of Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF), one of the leading Tanzanian research institutions whose role is to build the capacity for policy analysis and development management in Tanzania, targeting government policy analysts, private sector and non-governmental organizations, John was accredited for establishing and enhancing, among other things, the Commissioned Studies Department which is the consultancy wing of ESRF.

He was also responsible for leading one of the biggest projects that ESRF was implementing in collaboration with a Canadian Company, Cowater International which was responsible for a Performance Management Project in 11 Key Government Ministries such as the Ministry of Finance, Agriculture, Health, Education, etc. Prior to that, John briefly worked for the Ministry of Finance of Tanzania, in the Accountant General’s Department whereby he was part of the team that introduced the now famous Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) using a  software then called Platinum and now called Epicor.  John is professionally an accountant with a BCom in Accounting and a Certified Public Accountant in Tanzania.

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