Leslie Rance

Partner, Mindafox

Membership:  Class of 2010 (Uwepo)

Leslie Rance is a Partner at Mindofafox; an organization whose services extend across the strategy pipeline, from scenario construction and development, through the articulation of strategic direction, to strategic communications. Prior to this, he served as Head of Human Resources at British American Tobacco. He was previously Regional Head of Information Technology – Africa and the Middle East with BAT at the Company’s London, United Kingdom Headquarters, since July 2007.

During that time he also took responsibility for co-coordinating the improvement of the Company’s regional Supply Chain under a new business model. Preceding this, he served for three years on the board of BAT South Africa, as Director Corporate Strategy and Planning and in 2005 as Chief Information Officer also.

Prior to BAT, he worked for Anglo American, a leading global resources company, where he held several management positions in Information Technology. These were in its Operations in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Leslie was educated in Zimbabwe, holds a Diploma in Information Processing from the Christian College of Southern Africa and has participated in numerous leadership development programmes.

He is a past Executive Committee member of the Communications Users Association of South Africa (2001), and of the South African Institute of Directors (IOD) Western Cape Committee (2005).

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