Magnus Mchunguzi

Vice President and Managing Director, Ericsson

Membership:  Class of 2010 (Uwepo)

As Vice President and Managing Director, my roles are two fold, on the one hand, I am responsible for governing our commercial undertakings across Sub-Sahara Africa ensuring that we secure profitable business; equally my role as Managing Director is to provide the business focus in terms of strategic business direction in the Telecommunications Sector in South Africa; by identifying key drivers for the business growth and driving new services and verticals; Ericsson today, boast a global market share of about 45% in the telecommunications infrastructure and services and a similar market share in our Region.

Prior to my taking on my current role, I was the Key account Director for MTN Region West, responsible for our Business with MTN in West Africa, primarily in Nigeria, Cameroon and Congo Brazzaville for a period of about five years; during my tenure I oversaw the expansive growth of telecommunications services in Nigeria, especially with MTN Nigeria growing from 5 million subscribers in 2005 to 35 million subscribers by 2010.

Magnus earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Reading and has acquired extensive business and managerial knowledge during his working life.

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