Mahmoud Thabit Kombo

ICT and Telecommunications Consultant, 

Membership:  Class of 2002 (Inaugural)

Mr. Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, is an ICT and Telecommunications Consultant in Tanzania. Mr. Kombo is widely experienced in the ICT arena both in networking, including hardware and database design, systems design, and on the software solutions side. Mr. Kombo worked on a number of ICT and telecommunications projects in Tanzania including in the GSM and PSTN transmission arena, voice compression systems, fiber optics network designs, disaster management systems design and databases.

He has worked with the Prime Minister’s Office and many as a Consultant. Mr. Kombo recently won an IDESA award for his innovations of the Disaster Network Management Information Systems Design, which has earned him a reputation in both the local and international industry through SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) award scheme. Mr. Kombo was previously Business Operations Manager with ZANTEL, one of the telecommunication companies providing both cellular and fixed line networking services in Tanzania. Before joining ZANTEL he worked with Datel Tanzania Ltd. as a Commercial & Marketing Manager from 1996-1998.

Mr. Kombo also briefly worked with the President’s Office of the United Republic of Tanzania as Government Principal Information Systems Analyst prior to transfer to Zantel. Mahmoud Kombo holds a Master of Science degree and a post-graduate diploma in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sunderland (1996), and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Computing from the same university (1995). He is well versed in computer science/software engineering designs and modules, and business administration modules. Apart from the above qualifications, Mr. Kombo has attended several telecommunication certification courses including networking courses and senior management courses. Mr. Kombo has held managerial positions and Project Management positions since 1996 until the time he became a Consultant.

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