Palkesh Shah

Executive Director, Spin Ventures Group

Membership:  Class of 2002 (Inaugural)

Mr. Palkesh J S Shah is one of a group of Senior Executives of Spin Knit group of companies (East and Central Africa). These executives have been in the manufacturing sector in Textiles, Plastics and Dairy Processing.

His collaboration with TechnoServe in setting up a farmer-owned cooling plant demonstrates a sense of social responsibility that is business directed and sustaining. He holds a BSc degree in Business Management (1988) from New Hampshire College, London Campus. He has also been instrumental in the successful growth of Spin Knit Dairy Ltd. in becoming the largest dairy in Kenya within a period of three years.

Palkesh is married and has two children. His hobbies are mainly sport – Golf, tennis, cricket, badminton, table tennis and swimming. He also takes part in social events and helps in social organizations. He also has a passion for Trees and the environment that has led him to embark on an ambitious tree project to grow 100,000 trees per year under his ALI project.

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