Patricia Musoke

Project Management Specialist, International Atomic Energy Agency

Membership:  Class of 2013 (Mawimbi)

Patricia Musoke, Nuclear Safeguards Inspector, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, Austria
The IAEA is an independent intergovernmental, science and technology-based organization, in the United Nations family that serves as the global focal point for nuclear cooperation and nonproliferation. As a Nuclear Safeguards Inspector, Patricia carries out verification activities that enable the IAEA to provide credible assurances to the international community that nuclear material in States is used as declared by the States, and that the States abide by their legal obligations to the IAEA, as far as their nuclear-related activities are concerned.
Before taking on the position of Nuclear Safeguards Inspector, Patricia was a Project Management Specialist at the IAEA. Her role was to ensure that the multi-million Euro project titled “Enhancing Capabilities of Analytical Safeguards” (ECAS) was successfully completed on time, and within the allotted budget. The ECAS project has provided the IAEA with the continued ability to provide nuclear analyses of safeguards-related samples in a cost-effective, timely and reliable manner.
Prior to the IAEA, Patricia worked as a Project Manager at AREVA where she was given an Award of Recognition for the role she played in key projects for the company. She used ingenuous cost cutting methods to turn key projects from money losing projects to profitable ones, and executed the projects on time despite customer initiated delays. The results of the projects exceeded customer expectations and in turn AREVA was recognized for excellence in work execution and quality of service.
Patricia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, both obtained from the University of Toronto, Canada.
Patricia is very passionate about serving others and strongly believes in John Bunyan’s statement “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

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