Patricia Rwakiseeta Muhebwa

Co–founder and Technical Director, Metier Construction

Membership:  Class of 2013 (Mawimbi)

As Co–founder and Technical Director of Metier Construction –  Patricia has played a key role in leading her organization’s teams of over 150 local artisans and technicians to deliver creative projects with integrity in all aspects, while setting exceptional standards for a small sized enterprise in the construction industry in Uganda.

Metier Homes, a sister company has also positioned itself in the property development industry in Uganda as a quality developer. Patricia has relied on her experience of over twenty years of multidisciplinary experience in the engineering profession spanning across various disciplines for Government and Private Sector in the USA and Uganda, where she made a mark of delivering quality projects on time, and within cost. Patricia is married with four children and has a keen interest in developing and mentoring the youth.

She co- founded Dolphins Swim Club in 2007 to nurture local swimming talent – the club has had several successful national swimmers including a 15 year old teenager that represented Uganda at the 2012 Olympics. Patricia has a passion for the built environment and has plans to expand her businesses but in addition, engaging in voluntary projects addressing architecture and public health in the community.

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