Robert Kabushenga

CEO, Vision Group

Membership:  Class of 2008 (2nd Liberation)

Robert is in charge of leading the company’s strategic direction and making sure that implementation of strategic objectives is achieved effectively and efficiently.  The New Vision PPCL is currently embarking on an ambitious expansion program championed by Mr. Kabushenga. It involves a massive upgrade of printing capacity and significant investment in electronic media.

Before becoming CEO, Kabushenga worked as Executive Director of the Uganda Media Centre, a public affairs department in the Office of the President, Government of Uganda. In this role, he worked as a government spokesman and was responsible for government communications. Kabushenga had earlier worked as Board Secretary for the New Vision PPCL for three years until 2005.

He is an advocate of the High Court of Uganda and a member of the Uganda Law Society. He has attended the American Academy of International Law, Dallas Texas and worked on attachment with The Times of London newspaper. He was a political talk show host and columnist for nine years before retiring to concentrate on his new managerial responsibilities

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