Teddy Warria

Director, Africa 2.0 Chapter

Membership:  Class of 2013 (Mawimbi)

Teddy Warria is a technology entrepreneur and author based in Nairobi and Kisumu in Kenya.

He is a founding member of Africa’s Talking Ltd, which was established in 2010. Africa’s Talking  provides an API Platform for software developers to build applications that utilize telco infrastructure across Africa. Teddy also co-founded The Mandela Leadership Accelerator, a business and leadership accelerator dedicated to Build 100 “Mandelas” in honour of Nelson Mandela’s Centenary in partnership with Ndaba Mandela, Chairman and President of Africa Rising.

He is building Palos Nature Conservancy, Kibos, Western Kenya,  and is very keen to connect Eastern Cape and Western Kenya as the Homes of Legends in a person – person cultural diplomacy, and through Village Discovery Tours. He is currently on his next company, Ideas Come To Life – ICT Life, which is exploring possibilities of solving problems by scaling entrepreneurship across Africa.

Teddy’s deep-seated passion is to leverage the power of great leadership and scalable entrepreneurship to transform Africa.  He is passionate  about sharing his experiences in entrepreneurship as a way to solve problems and create new wealth in Africa through The Adebisi Babatunde Thomas Entrepreneurship Institute (ABTEI), Strathmore Business School. Teddy is also an angel investor in the African tech ecosystem and is co-chairing the Africa 2018 Forum’s Youth Entrepreneurs Day (YED). He will co-manage the Deal Room with IFC in its effort to identify 100 new start ups in Africa and fund them upwards of 500,000 USD. He is a fellow of Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) and Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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