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‘Capture!’ (The tale of what power does to people of good intentions)

By Ali A. Mufuruki – Sept 2010 The change that takes place in people upon assuming political power is something that has always baffled me. It is more than simple change in personal behaviour, tastes or habits but a total transformation involving fundamental ideals and principles. It is as if a […]

The Character of Leadership

Sometime in the 90s, a Stanford professor Jim Collins set out to conduct a study on how companies make the transition from being good to being great. What started out as mere study produced such profound results he later turned it into a book titled; Good to Great.

Past Event Highlights

Sea Cliff Resort and Spa, Zanzibar

The ALI East Africa Re-Set Summit

Past Event

Fellows and partners of the ALI East Africa Foundation convened to adopt a strategic plan, reflect on personal leadership journeys, recommit to action towards building good societies, and keeping focus on living “good lives”.


Date: 15th – 18th November 2018

The Resnick Aspen Action Forum 2018

Past Event

The Resnick Aspen Action Forum is one of the Aspen Institute’s greatest platforms for sparking real and measurable change in the world. Since its inception five years ago, the Action Forum has successfully provided a space for over 1,000 high-integrity, action oriented leaders to come together, pause, reflect, refresh, and recommit to doing their part to build a better world.


Date: 24th – 29th July 2018

ALI Africa Impact Forum 2018

Past Event

Modelled on the Resnick Aspen Action Forum but designed specifically for the African context, the ALI Africa Impact Forum was initiated by the leadership of the Africa Leadership Initiative. This event brings together Fellows from ALI South Africa, ALI West Africa, ALI East Africa, ALI Mozambique, ALI Media, and the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI).


Date: 1st – 4th March 2018